The BZFlag FunMatch Challenge is a single-elimination multi-player funmatch tournament for BZFlag league players. This event consists of a series of twenty-minute matches (with a thirty-minute final match) which take place on a single day over several hours (depending on the turnout). Teams may consist of any combination of league members. For further information, please refer to the information page. To register for the tournament, or to modify or cancel an existing registration, please log in and visit the registration page.

Event Details

Event Name: Spring 2018 HiX Triples Challenge
Registration Close: Saturday, March 31, 2018, 18:50 GMT
Scheduled Start: Saturday, March 31, 2018, 19:00 GMT
Home Server: (see server list)
Team Size: 3 - 4

Contestants and Preliminary Seeding

This table shows the initial seeding (ranking) of all teams registered for this event. This seeding is used to assign teams to slots in the elimination table. Team ratings are calculated by taking the average individual player rating of all team members in Leagues United, and are subject to change until registration is closed. Any teams listed in gray text without a seeding are on the waiting list (listed in order of priority) due to the number of teams exceeding the event capacity.

SeedAverage RatingTeam Members & Individual Ratings
11398djpenguin (1377), -roo (1401), hj (1416)
21305R3laX (1159), Orange Peanut (1251), miro (1490), Shuist (1320)
31250plop (1201), Monster (1314), macsforme (1187), Click click boom (1299)
41210zaa (1039), Defend (1308), button (1259), Kesslar (1234)
51161etigah (1141), easy tank (1174), legend_13 (1169)