Tournament Format

This event is a funmatch tournament for BZFlag league players. The competition format is a single-elimination table. To participate, you will need to group up with some other players (depending on the team sizes for the event) and register on this site as a team. Each of you must log in to this site to generate a player record. One of your team members must then create the team using the registration page. The other team member(s) must then navigate to the same page and accept the team invitation. After the minimum team member count has been met, your team will be listed on the home page. Teams will be seeded (ranked) relative to other teams by the average of their Leagues United individual player ratings. After the close of registration time, all teams are frozen, and all ratings are updated one last time to create the final seeding. A single-elimination bracket is then created, and teams are assigned to spots based on their seeding. Depending on how many teams register, some teams may have a bye into the second round. Teams will then compete against each assigned opponent until only one team remains, which will be declared the winner.